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Henry & Carey

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Henry Lambert and Carey Bond met in 1972 and have been in a, committed relationship since 1974. Henry and Carey co-own a real estate development firm that has renovated or constructed apartment buildings, condominiums, and hotels throughout greater New Orleans. Carey is a licensed contractor and the projects that he has supervised have received numerous awards for historic preservation.

Henry formerly served in the administration of Mayor Moon Landrieu and as Director of the Vieux Carré Commission. Henry is also a veteran, having served as an Army Captain in the Vietnam conflict and he received the Bronze Star for Meritorious Achievement.

The couple has lived together since 1978. In recent years, Henry has developed a heart condition that has required regular treatment, including surgery. To secure the legal status of their relationship in case of either’s illness or death and to solemnize their relationship in accordance with their personal religious beliefs, Henry and Carey decided to marry after more than thirty years together.

In December 2011, they married in New York, where same-sex couples are legally permitted to marry. Louisiana refuses to recognize the validity of Henry and Carey’s New York marriage. The couple jointly filed both a federal and a Louisiana income tax return for 2012 that identified them as married taxpayers, but employees of the Louisiana Department of Revenue refused to accept the return.

“If we have to comply, our accountant must separate our financial data and file two new Louisiana separate returns at additional expense,” said Lambert. ”That would be three returns, two more than other Louisiana citizens are required to do.”  Bond stated, “Plus, we would be required to lie as we must state that we are not married which is untrue.”

Lambert said the experience led them to join the Forum for Equality Louisiana lawsuit. “We are parties to this lawsuit not only because of this insult to us personally, but also on behalf of all the LGBT community in Louisiana. No one should be forced by a government to lie and about their marital status.”


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